Subscription Form Squashladder

Here you can subscribe for the Thymos Squashladder

In the squashladder, you can challenge the opponent who is ranked one place higher than you, to play squash against you (at your own selected day and time)! The winner will rise one step in the ranking. Try to beat as many opponents as possible to end up as the squash champion! 

This round of the squashladder will be from the 20th of March until the end of period 6.

Subscription is possible until the 13th of March. Subscribe as soon as possible, because full=full

The subscription involves the following rules:
- you have to have valid sports rights
- after subscription, SWU Thymos will check your WBA number (barcode on your wur-card minus the first 4 and last 2 numbers) 
- if your sports rights are valid, you are subscribed
- when you don't have sports rights, we will provide you a deadline to purchase the sports rights
- if the sports rights are not purchased after this date, you are not allowed to take part in the squashladder


Everyone that subscribes successfully will receive an e-mail that confirms their subscription. 
The squashladder and contact information of the other players will be send to you around the 16th of March.

If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to 


You get your WBA-id by removing the first 4 and the last 2 digits from the barcode on the back of your WUR card. If the remaining number begins with one or more zero, then remove those as well (100203583900=35839).